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Girl - Atiba x Brian Anderson x Interpol T-Shirt - White SALE

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Featuring Brian Anderson and Interpol photos by Atiba Jefferson, commemorating 20 Years of Yeah Right.
“Atiba asked me if I’d be interested in doing a board with his photos of Interpol & myself mixed together. As I had picked one of their songs “Obstacle 1” Twenty years ago for my part in Girl Skateboards video “yeah right!”  So I excitedly said yes of course. 20 years? Wow! I remember bringing the CD “Turn on The Bright Lights” to Ty Evans apartment on Sunset? I said to him. “I got this song of this great band and not a lot of people know how good they are yet. I really want to use this song.” And Ty loved it. He started editing to it right away. I had so much footage and it’s one of the best video parts I’ve had. What an incredible feeling.  Also I remember being so happy that Ty didn’t show me much of the video. I liked that. I wanted to be almost as surprised as someone who had no involvement. I had helped with a lot of skits so I had a feel for the video but at the premiere I was very surprised by everyone’s skate footage. I had only witnessed a handful of my teammates tricks in person. Everyone’s skating was amazing. Great editing & filming. Great skits. Incredible music and skateboarding. I am very proud to have skated so hard and worked so hard on all the little things with our Girl/Chocolate family. Seasons like that in life are priceless.” —Brian Anderson
Heavy weight shirt. 6.0 oz/ sq yd. Classic fit.
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