Collection: Snow Gloves

Burton snow gloves grey
Having the right gear is essential for an enjoyable ride and gloves are no exception. Not only do they keep your hands warm but also offer protection if you to fall, scraping your hands on ice or snow isn't fun. With Celtek, Burton and Dakine among others, we have a great selection of gloves for all riding styles and conditions.
There are many things to consider when buying a pair of snowboard gloves, certain things such as do you choose a standard glove or go for a mitten, comes down to personal preference. With a glove you have more movement and dexterity whereas a mitten offers a warmer experience but at the expense of the of convenience (doing your boots up, using your phone). There is another option the 'lobster mitt' which is a hybrid of the two styles, such as the Dakine Fillmore.
The thickness and warmth of a glove go hand in hand and somewhat determine what the glove is best used for. A thin, flexible glove with little insulation is generally ideal for park use where you might be grabbing your board or putting your hands on the snow. A thicker more padded glove is best suited to more free riding styles where you'll be using your hands less.
We have many designs and colour ways available, if you have any questions please feel free to drop us a message for any advice.