Snowboard Goggles


We offer a large selection of some of the best goggles on the market. Goggles are a vital part of your snowboard set up, keeping a clear vision of sight is, naturally, hugely helpful but also having the right lens for the right time is just as important. Thankfully a lot of our goggles come with a spare 'Low Level Light' lens to swap out when the sun starts going down. Having additional lenses can be really useful for different conditions, if its sunny you can use a lens designed to keep out the glare of the sun from the snow, if the sun goes in you can switch to a lens that allows in more light meaning you can keep going for longer into the evening.
With Anon, Dragon and Oakley goggles available we have something for everyone no matter what your budget is. The higher priced goggles generally have superior optics as well as additional features such as quick release lenses, using magnets sometimes, for quick easy lens changes.
It is important that your goggles fit well with your helmet, the majority are compatible but certain styles of goggles might not fit well with certain helmets. We are here to answer any queries you might have regarding goggles so feel free to drop us a message if you are worried about compatibility or fit.