Lakai Shoes

Forming in 1999, by Mike Carrol and Rick Howard, and based out of Torrance, California, Lakai have been well established in the skate industry for what seems like forever.  After Mike and Rick left DC they felt that they could make a contribution to the skateboard footwear industry and continue to do so.

 With a strong team including Vincent Alvarez, Raven Tershy and Riley Hawk they have developed their own technologies to help with the rigours of skating.  Their XLK technology includes high density foam to cushion impacts and sculpted sidewalls offering superior support and stability.  They also offer VLK technology for those fans of classic vulcanised shoes, adding durability, structure and a crated midsole to protect against heel bruises.  With these in place its easy to see why they are so popular with skaters of all abilities.

 Creating some of the most watched skateboarding videos in recent history the 'Fully Flared' video released in 2007 was met with critical acclaim and remains one of the best loved skateboard videos available.  Wikipedia go as far as to say “The film has become a skateboarding culture icon as the apex of professional skateboarding.”  When strangers are updating wikipedia articles and giving such high praise, you pay attention.