New Balance

One of the biggest shoe makers in the world, New Balance, entered the skateboarding industry in 2013, bringing with them over a hundred years of trainer making experience. With a reputation for comfort, fit, technical materials and quality it made sense to get some experienced heads in to help with the transition into the skate world, step forward Sebastian Palmer, Mike West and helping with the distribution, Jamie Thomas. With those names behind it, Numeric was destined to be a success.
With a team co-ordinated by another experienced head, John Rattray, and including PJ Ladd and Arto Saari, they have all helped incorporate some of New Balance's famous technologies into skate shoes for the first time.
Whilst New Balance may produce shoes for many activities the product and team they have created shows they care just as much about skateboarding as running, basketball, tennis and the other sports they cater for.
The company has and still does produce millions of shoes a year in the US and UK, and whilst not all are made their, few companies can make such claims.