Magic Toast offer a large selection of trucks for every board and riding style going from some of the leading brands including Independent, Royal, Ace and Venture with pro models from Vincent Alvarez, Jerry Hsu and Cory Kennedy to name a few.  We offer a choice of colour ways so you can match your trucks with your deck graphics and wheels.  Its worth noting that to fit your trucks to your deck you will need to buy some truck bolts, thankfully we have a large range of brands and colour ways available.  When it comes to truck sizes they relate to the width of the board they will be on, for example the most popular size 5.25'' will fit boards between 7.75'' and 8.25''.  Another thing to consider is the size of wheel being used with them, anything smaller than a 52mm wheel would be ideal for a 'low' truck.  By using a wheel larger than 52mm on a 'low' truck you risk the possibility of 'wheel bite', where the wheel comes into contact with the board, and we would recommend a 'mid' or 'high' truck with these larger wheels.  If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch.