Snow Protection

Black snowboard helmet on the floor
Protective gear is something that hopefully you won't have to use very often, but when needed can save you from significant injury. Whilst a helmet has almost become standard riding gear other protective equipment can often be overlooked.
When it comes helmets we have a large range of some of the best available from Anon, Sandbox and Oakley. Everyone's head is different so getting the right size helmet can be tricky, luckily our size guides should help you make sure you get the right fit. The majority of helmets should be compatible with most goggles but occasionally certain combinations might not work, if you are unsure please get in touch and we can advise accordingly.
Other more overlooked protective gear includes wrist guards and impact shorts. When falling the first point of impact is generally the hands, putting them down to stop falling is an instinct its hard to avoid. The impact of falling on to your hands can easily cause pains or breaks, with the wrist being a particular weak spot. A wrist guard helps keep your wrist stiff and protected when taking any impacts. Impact shorts help take the initial blow when falling and landing on your coccyx which can be particularly painful. A basic impact short is generally made up of soft foam, you can however get superior protection from ForceField, who have designed there own protective layering system which can handle massive energy absorption.