The largest snowboard brand in the world, founded in 1977, Burton continues to innovate and contribute to the snowboarding community to this day. Jake Burton Carpenter, started the company out of his Vermont barn and has since dedicated his life to snowboarding, bringing it from a backyard hobby to world class sport. Taking inspiration from the 'snurfer', invented by Sherman Poppen, he modified the design and the modern snowboard design, copied by all, was created.
Since their humble beginnings Burton have gone from strength to strength, setting the standard for others to follow. In 2008 they released their EST binding system, allowing the rider a more personal and specific set up and shedding some of the weight of standard baseplates.
Dominating the sport for many years allowed Burton to amass a team of the best pro's around, Shaun White, Terje Haakonsen, Kelly Clark and Mark McMorris make up just a small number.
Their hardware range is almost unparalleled, with equipment for any style or condition, all of the highest quality. Along with this is a solid line up of outerwear and other soft goods. Their jackets and pants not only offer a high degree of waterproofing and breath ability but also a genuinely fashionable and practical solution to being on the mountains.
On top of all this Burton continues to push new ideas of sustainability and environmental conservation and strive to create as little damage to the planet as can be.
The world may have changed since Burton's inception, but their ideals, quality and passion for snowboarding haven't.