Making sure you have the right bindings for your board and riding style is hugely important. Luckily here at Magic Toast we have something for all styles of riders, be it park or powder. We offer some of the worlds best bindings from Burton, Flux and Bent Metal Bindings.
Sometimes the importance of having the right binding for the right set up is slightly overlooked but they are a crucial component. Being the component that attaches you to the board they can make a massive difference to your ride, giving you either more or less flexibility and stability, similar to a snowboard itself. There are bindings designed for park use just as there are bindings more suited for backcountry. Using the wrong binding for the wrong style can have a negative impact on your riding.
We offer a wide range of bindings in many different styles and colour ways. If you have any questions about what bindings would suit you best please get in touch, we are happy to help.