Snowboard Jackets

Looking good on the mountain whilst staying warm and dry is essential, luckily we offer some of the finest jackets available including brands such as Burton, Airblaster, ThirtyTwo and Volcom.
The three main aspects to take into consideration when purchasing any snow outerwear are its waterproofing, breathability and insulation. The majority of outerwear will rate its waterproofing in thousands of millilitres (10,000mm or 10k) which relates to the height of the column of water that can be poured on the jacket before any saturation occurs. The higher the rating (5k, 10k etc) the better the waterproofing. Our Gore-Tex products don't use the same rating system and whilst they are extremely waterproof its worth checking each individual product for the specifications.
The breathability of a jacket uses a similar system to the waterproofing, jackets will be marked up as 5k, 10k etc but this time it relates to how much (grams) moisture the material allows to pass through it per square metre in a 24 hour period. Again the higher the rating the better breathability.
There are several styles of jackets and the insulation offered by them can vary massively. We offer a selection of thin shell jackets, offering pretty much no insulation but designed to be worn over layers or in warmer climates, as well as thicker insulated jackets for more extreme conditions or for those not wanting to wear several layers.
When it comes to sizing, snowboard jackets generally come a little larger and baggier than a standard streetwear jacket, mainly due to them being designed to wear with several layers underneath. That said a lot of brands like Burton and Volcom have jackets with a more traditional fit and look more like an everyday jacket.