Collection: Snowboards

Here at Magic Toast we have a large and varied selection of some of the best snowboards available. Whether you are hitting up the park or carving through powder choosing the right board is essential. We stock boards for all occasions from the best brands available, Burton, Bataleon and Lib Tech to name a few. When looking for a new board there are several things you should take note of, the flex of a board is massively important and can be one of the deciding factors of what the board is designed for. Generally a park rider would want a board with a softer flex which allows greater manoeuvrability, the flex in these boards is usually the same in the nose and tail allowing you to land and ride out in switch easily. Someone wanting an all-mountain board would look at something less flexible, the stiffer flex gives greater edge hold and stability.
Making sure you have the right size board is also hugely important. The rule of thumb for years was that when standing the board should rest just under your chin. Whilst the rule still somewhat applies the past couple of years the trend has been to get a board a little shorter than standard. This can give the rider a bit more control and allow easier turning. This trend is highlighted by the Nug board by Burton which is specifically designed to be ridden smaller than a normal board. If you have any questions regarding what is the right board for you please feel free to get in touch with us at the shop.