Girl began in 1993 after several World Industry team riders decided that they wanted to found their own brand. Its popularity meant the brand quickly became its own distribution company, creating Chocolate skateboards and taking Fourstar Clothing, Lakai and Royal Trucks under their wing and into the, what became, 'Crailtap' family.

The brand originally came about from a want of providing pro skateboarders a future after the skating ends. Allowing them to help evolve the sport whilst creating things that give the skaters something to support them in the longer term, as Rick Howard put it “Take Royal, for instance. When Guy Mariano and Rudy Johnson's legs don't work anymore, at least what they've done for skateboarding and their ideas can continue with something they can fall back on”.

They are also responsible for some of the greatest skate videos of our time. 'Yeah Right' still holds up today for looks, style and inventiveness. Spike Jonze's vision and use of special effects was ground breaking and set the bar high for anything that came after it. They also teamed up with Chocolate Skateboards in 2012 for 'Pretty Sweet' which again utilised new camera technology and special effects to elevate it above your standard skate video.

As well as hardware Girl also produce a wide and varied clothing line, t-shirts, hoodies, caps and beanies all demonstrate the same simple but quality design they have been known for since day one.