Birdhouse skateboard on its side on the floor
Whilst it can be nice choosing the parts and putting together your own board you can buy pre-made set ups ready to ride. This may limit your choice of graphic somewhat but you can end up saving money and still have branded, top quality parts.
Whether you are a newcomer and maybe not familiar with all the parts needed for a set up, or a pro just wanting the easy life, we have all bases covered. The cheaper completes that we sell are ideal for a beginner or a younger rider still getting to grips with skating whereas the more expensive set ups are great for anyone wanting a quality set up with little effort. Once it arrives simply unpack it and start skating straight away.
We offer complete, full size, set ups from Creature, Birdhouse, Mini Logo and Rocket as well as cruisers and longboards. We also offer a range of Surf/Skate completes from Carver Skateboards. All the set ups are great value for money and negate the hassle of ordering several separate items.