Here at Magic Toast we offer a large selection of different skateboard wheels. With brands such as Girl, Chocolate, Ricta, Bones and Canal we have wheels for all styles and set-ups. When it comes to choosing your wheels you have to take into consideration the trucks you are using and the board style. One of the more popular wheel sizes for a standard set-up is 52mm, with a wheel this size you could pair them up with some 'Low' trucks. If you were to use a bigger wheel on 'Low' trucks you risk 'wheel bite', where the wheel comes into contact with your board. For wheels any bigger than 52mm we would recommend a standard truck as the extra height will help avoid 'wheel bite'. We also have a selection of wheels for wider, cruiser style boards. These wheels are generally a little larger than standard wheels and a lot softer allowing you to cruise around nice and smoothly. If you have any questions or need any advice please feel free to drop us a message.