First developed in 1991 by Joan Rojas, Buff as a company formed shortly after in 1992, based out of Igualada, Catalonia, Spain. Originally designed for wind protection while motorcycling the product quickly became used for multiple sports and outdoor activities as the company grew.

Offering a seamless finish with a material that is breathable, moisture wicking and wind resistant wasn't an easy task. Joan Rojas had previously worked in the textile industry, manufacturing knitted collars and cuffs for football shirt brands, and it was this experience that he brought to the table that helped Buff become what it is today. After testing various materials new manufacturing processes were designed to create the seamless construction, offering a durable and comfortable garment.

They have since brought out Buffs for more extreme conditions, offering 'polar' versions and 'merino wool' versions of their original design as well as full balaclava's and hats.

One thing we love about Buff is the amount of ways you can use the product. You can use it as a standard scarf or fashion a bandanna, headband, hat, facemask or wrist band. The flexibility Buff gives you means that you might only need one for all your needs.