Collection: Snowboard Pants

Staying warm and dry is crucial to having a good time on the mountains. Thankfully we offer some of the best snowboard pants on the market. With brands like Burton, ThirtyTwo and Airblaster we have a large range of stylish, waterproof and breathable pants available.
Similar to a jacket all the pants are rated by their waterproofing ability. This is done by rating the pants in thousands of millilitres (10,000mm or 10k) which relates to the height of the column of water that can be poured on the pants before any saturation occurs. Our Gore-Tex products don't use the same rating system and whilst they are extremely waterproof its worth checking each individual product for the specifications.
You can get different levels of insulation with pants, again the same as with jackets. Some will be a shell offering little insulation whereas others will be made of more insulating material and be thicker and warmer.
We have a variety of colours and styles available so you can match with your jacket or boots, or both. Snowboard pants generally come as quite a baggy, loose fit, allowing ease of movement but there are slimmer styles available. If you are unsure about the fit of any of our pants please feel free to get in touch.