Collection: Snowboard Socks

two pairs of stance socks

When it comes to choosing the right gear for the slopes it can be just as important to get the right socks as it is to get the right jacket and pants. You want your feet to be warm, comfy and able to breathe, the wrong socks can leave your feet, sweaty, cold and clammy.
It can be easy to forget how essential keeping your feet comfortable is, they will be in boots for hours at a time and are the all important connection you have with your board. Thankfully we offer a range of some of the best snowboarding socks available. From brands such as Stance and 32, they all provide the warmth, breathability and support even the most demanding boarder might need. As with other snowboard accessories such as facemasks, there are Merino Wool options, offering a warm, soft and breathable sock with the added bonus that they are naturally antimicrobial and therefore keep your socks, feet and boot smelling fresher for longer.
Due to new advancements in the materials used in sock making brands can put pretty much whatever design or pattern they want on a sock. This means we now stock a wide range of colourways and designs to go with any outfit.