Collection: Chocolate

Forming just a year after Girl Skateboards in 1994, Chocolate Skateboards basically came about when too many friends and other professional skaters wanted to be involved in Girl Skateboards. Rather that continue to expand an already large team of riders and skate goods they decided to create a new company. As it was back then Chocolate still has strong ties to Girl belonging to the Crailtap distribution company, a company dealing with Girl, Chocolate, Royal Trucks and Lakai among others.
Focusing mainly on the hardware side of skateboarding, they also offer clothing and accessories, its hard to think of a time when a Chocolate deck wasn't a mainstay of any skatepark up and down the country. With their team including Vincent Alvarez, Kenny Anderson, Justin Eldridge , they almost didn't need Jerry Hsu joining in 2013 to solidify their spot among the best teams out there.