We offer a large range of different styles of Griptape. Essential for any board not just as functioning grip but also, with the large selection now available, a fashion statement. Do you keep it simple with some standard Mini-Logo plain black griptape or go for a more eye catching design by Grizzly Griptape or Diamond Supply. With a large selection of pro riders griptape available, including Chaz Ortiz, Chris Joslin, Guy Mariano and Ryan Sheckler all with their personalised graphics and collaborations with the likes of Jimi Hendrix there is something for everyone. As standard all our griptape will fit the majority of skateboards, measuring in at 9'' wide, however if you are buying to use on a cruiser/old skool/long board it might be worth measuring the width as some of these decks are wider than standard 9'' griptape. For these boards we stock 10'' Mini Logo and Grizzly options.