Tomorrow Today - Surfing DVD

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Tomorrow Today - Surfing DVD

Transworld Surf presents one of the most progressive and radical surfers in the world, Maui’s Clay Marzo, as seen in Tomorrow Today.

Shot in ultra-dynamic widescreen HD, Tomorrow/Today will most likely create a wormhole in the fiber of surf, linking what’s now to what’s next. Created by the minds of TransWorld SURF’s own editor and content director Chris Cote and creative director Marc Hostetter, produced by Josh Williams and Metalstorm Entertainment, and sponsored by DC and Quiksilver, Tomorrow/Today takes us on this journey through time.

“TransWorld SURF and Metalstorm Entertainment are truly taking things to the next level with the production of our 2007 collaboration, Tomorrow/Today,” said Josh Williams, Executive Producer, Metalstorm Entertainment Inc.

“From the unsurpassed talent of a handful of the best surfers in the world, to the highest production values of next generation HD and 35mm workflow, Tomorrow/Today is shaping up to be the standard to beat in surfing films for years to come.”

Tomorrow/Today already has the surf industry talking: "This film is going to fry the rewind function on your DVD player,” says Greg Macias, Quiksilver’s Vice President of Marketing. “Dane, Bobby, Clay, Yadin and Mike’s surfing provide the next generation’s ’how to innovate’ video.”

“I think Tomorrow/Today is going to take the surf world by storm! TransWorld SURF and Metalstorm Entertainment are known for revealing some of the most progressive content in the surf world,” says Tim English, DC shoes Surf Team Manager. “This is the next generation of surfers so prepare to be amazed!”

Even the film’s stars are talking: "I’m excited," says Dane Reynolds about being handpicked for the first ever TransWorld SURF film. "I like the cast of surfers in the film, and I’m stoked to be a part of it."