Thrasher Magazine - September 2021

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Our 40th anniversary is shaping up to be chock full of Classic Covers—the September mag is proof with Evan Smith busting a high-stakes ollie on the Bay Bridge, shot by our guy Alex Papke. They got arrested for this stunt—gotta pay to play. Tear into the mag and you’ll find Roman Pabich grinding down a hill of a rail for the Contents page. Lightening things up after the initial impact, there’s The Benefits of Being an Aging Skater, Sieben’s guide on How To Not Get Into The Olympics and everyone’s favorite photo critique: Anatomy. More good times by way of Nora Vasconcellos’ People I’ve Known, packed with giants like Gonz, Grosso and Cara-Beth Burnside. If you want a shock, check the Lunatic Fringe with Elijah Akerley throwin’ Kilty’s and killin’ hills. More stories of battle glory, John Dilo takes his already-unreal switch heel to new heights with an epic tale to boot in My War. Then our road dog Joe Brook hops in with the 1-8 up to Seattle for a concrete quest only TNT could tell. What about interviews with sponsored skaters? Shit, you know we’re on it! Erik Herrera recounts getting stuck in the brutal cold in Austin and his first interactions with the Chocolate team. Blood Wizard’s Japanese wunderkind Mami Tezuka talks to Lizzie about managing the skate-life balance and her Hall-of-Meat-loving mom and Blake Johnson breaks down his extended Barcelona stay on account of the pandemic, endless spots and long-distance love. Next we get quick and dirty with a lightning round between Northwest-transition terrors Kevin Kowalski and Cody Lockwood. Need more? Gregson, Baca, Dane Brady and plenty more get snapped in the Photo Feature. You’ll wanna see these full-page frames. Closing out the carnage, Oklahoma’s finest Kyle Walker gives props to his mom, Jim T, P-Stone and more legends in his Heroes & Heavies feature. That gutter-gappin’ kickflip will get you fired up. As always, you’re gonna need a wind down after all those bangers. Good thing we got Zounds with John Darnielle of The Mountain Goats, a killer chat with the guys from Descendents and plenty more from the Underground. There’s even a crossword in the back of the mag if you’re trying to kill more time. Get off your ass, buy the mag, get back on your ass to read it, then hit the streets!
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