Thrasher Magazine - May 2021

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Mason Silva swings into action on the May cover with a head-high nosepick off the old Tarzan film set, cluing you into the fact that this is the SOTY issue for ’21. Much more Mason inside—the reigning champ gets interviewed as he continues to conquer every spot he comes across in LA. (We’ll take that international victory lap as soon as we can, Mr. Silva!) Last year’s trophy holder Milton Martinez Passes the Torch, but don’t worry—Smoookes is still as insane as ever. If you need a little comic relief, we caught up with skater/comedian Taylor Clark, who cracked the code on telling funny skate jokes onstage, or peep the Comix page with Brother Merle’s ode to makeshift ramps. Epic Spots digs deep into the history behind The Triangle at The Challenger Memorial in Miami. Mark Scott’s skate barn in Oregon gets burnt to the ground—literally! The Worble world’s dirty secrets get revealed in a tabloid exposé. Who is the Man behind the Ramp? Peel back the plywood and find out. And if you’re yearnin’ for more learnin’, peep the Thrasher quiz with Alec Majerus. We give him an A+. Keep your interview hunger at bay with Heads features with Dick Rizzo, Braden Hoban and Steven “Lefty” Breeding. On the travel-tip, Vans scours Sicily for abandoned mafia construction sites and Tum Yeto hits the highway and homes in on the heartland of the US. Hate reading? Gaze upon the 14-page Photo Feature, including the Danes (Brady and Barker), Spanky, Jake Johnson, Na-Kel and more homies. In the Zounds zone, Atiba interviews Animal Collective and we sit down with Big Baby Scumbag, Pharoahe Monch and the Vermont power hardcore violence crew Gone Wrong. There’s lots more inside, so grab the mag and catch up on all the skating and shenanigans that deserve the price of ink and postage.
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