Spam - 2.0 - Windsurfing DVD

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Spam 2.0 Windsurfing DVD



Style - Performance - Action - Music! Get ready for the blast, as this DVD takes you across the globe to some of the best locations windsurfing has to offer. The action includes epic freesailing and world cup sections frome Cape Town, Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura, Norway, Maui and incredible footage from the 2007 World Cup on Cabo Verde.

Be it either massive jumps, sick waves, the latest moves or hard crashes, this DVD has it all. All combined with different camera angles and great music bringing you to the epicenter of the nuke. Less talk, more action. So put this disc in the player, sit back, relax and enjoy!

Bonus material including interviews and a behind the scenes look with the pros (a day with JP, Matt's Crip, Alex Interview, Twin Falls Maui, Shark tale Cape Town, Teaser: Spam 2, Teaser: Spam, Teaser: Basic Windsurfing, Music video: Superheroes).

Riders: Jason Polakow, Kauli Seadi, Alex Mussolini, Björn Dunkerbeck, the Pritchards, Scott McKercher, Klaas Voget, Nik Baker, Robby Naish, Peter Volwater, Robert Sand, Regis Bouron, the Morenos, Levi Siver, Victor Fernandez and many more.

Running time: 51 minutes + 28 minutes bonus footage
Language: english
Country code: 0 / all regions
Colour system: NTSC
Screen size: 16:9 widescreen
Sound: HiFi-Stereo
Release date: 2007
Producer: Hotcake Media