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Snowboard DVD Sandbox Shine On

Producer: Skids Productions
Country: Canada
Year: 2009
Format: NTSC
Languages: English

Sandbox is Kevin Sansalone and Clayton Larsen, along with a team of very talented, snowboarders, filmers and designers. With over nine years of film production experience, we are creating films for everyone to enjoy. Kevin has been snowboarding for over twenty years, and has been completely involved with every aspect of the sport, from competing, filming and marketing, to snowboard construction and design. Clayton is the principal filmer, editor and music supervisor with an innovative vision for snowboard filmmaking.

Taking a different approach to snowboard film making, Sandbox is a production company that has exceeded our expectations. With the success of Sandbox and the award winning ’Flavor Country’ and ’Time Well Wasted’ titles under our belts, we have proven that we have the experience and passion to produce a high quality, marketable and entertaining film. With momentum rolling strong, the Sandbox crew is out shooting once again for our fifth release, ’Shine On’, which will start it’s World Premiere Tour and retail sales release in September 2009. Unique footage, good riding and fun are the focus once again for this years Sandbox crew.

Riders: Andrew Hardingham, Nash Lejuenese, Geoff Brown, Jake Kuzyk, Ryan Hall, Dwayne Weibe, Ryan Tiene, Mikey Pederson, Steve Cartwright, Logan Haubrich, Jody Wachniak, Jake Koai, Kael Hill, Brendan Keenan, Rube Goldberg, Kevin Griffin, Rusty Ockenden.

Come join us on our whirlwind adventures of traveling and exploring snow covered locations in pursuit of the ultimate snowboard experience !