Shark Park

Shark Park - Surf DVD

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Shark Park Surf DVD



Watch an international team of towsurfers ride a secret virgin wave at a remote offshore reef
Where do you start if you want to surf the heaviest, unridden, big waves offshore of one of the most congested surfing arenas on the planet?

Seems like a bit of helicopter reconnaissance and some research and there are no shortage of new big waves getting discovered.

In a sense nothing new is on offer here (we'll resist the tired jaws/mavs/cortes comparisom) - just another huge offshore wave and a crew of serious big wave guys towing in. What makes shark park worth checking out is just how top to bottom the wave breaks - and just how deep these guys are now prepared to tow even on a totally new wave. There are some sick barrels and with that level of commitment plenty of brutal wipeouts (including a waveski and rider getting trashed) plus the usual interview segments between