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Second to None - Surfing DVD

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Second to None - Surfing DVD

Producer: Freddy Malone Films
Country: USA
Year: 2008
Format: NTSC
Languages: English
After four years in the making, Freddy Malone presents SECOND TO NONE featuring some of the world’s greatest surfers matching up with some of the most epic surf spots known to man.

With footage from the legendary 9/11 Teahupoo session, endless barrels in Indo, super slab sessions in Sydney and all-time North Shore, this movie showcases hardcore surfing at its finest.

The Bra Boys charge super slab sessions at Our in Sydney. Ian Walsh scores the wave of the year at XXL Teahupoo. Mind-bending Indo barrels.  All-time North Shore.

The best surfers on the planet surfing the best waves on the planet.

Second to none!