Airhole - Cascade Airtube - Camo Ski/Facemask/Snowboarding

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 Airhole Winter Cascade Airtube Camo Ski/Facemask/Snowboarding
Airhole Winter 2013/14 Cascade Airtube Camo

Yarn: Acrylic

SKU: AH13AT-01


Antibacterial Fabrics


There’s nothing worse than finding germs, mold or fungus on a garment, except maybe a live bear. That’s arguably worse, but bacteria are pretty damn nasty and we found a way to repel it – Airholes have Antimicrobial coatings. Infusing your Airhole in an antimicrobial coating has 3 big benefits:


1. Bye Bye Stinky – Say adios to your stinky sweat.

2. Last Longer – Your mask stays extra fresh now.

3. Keep Clean – A clean face will make you 25% more attractive.