Stepchild Snowboards have always prided themselves on the fact they are, since their inception in 2000, and to this day, rider owned and operated. Their somewhat 'against the grain' attitude was a breath of fresh air for the industry, characterised by their sometimes borderline offensive graphics and board names. Put this aside though and you have a company creating top quality snowboards for all rider styles and conditions.

The owners, Sean Johnson, Simon Chamberlain, JP Walker and Brad Richmond, live and breath snowboarding and its evident when you see what they have brought to the table for the last 16 years. Their passion and dedication to the sport is what has fuelled the company to get to where it is today, with a team of riders including Joe Sexton, Eman Anderson and Layne Treeter among many others.

Stepchild offer a wide selection of boards, all at very competitive prices and designed from the ground up by riders and with riders in mind. Their laid back attitude hides the devotion and love they have for the sport and their products.