Collection: Stance Socks

For being a relatively new company, only founded in 2009, Stance has made massive strides in the sock industry. In April, 2015, Stance socks were named as the official sock of the NBA and the MLB followed suit in May, 2016. But fear not they don't just produce socks for America's biggest sports, also offering socks for casual wear, skateboarding, snowboarding and other activities.

The company, created by Jeff Kearl, John Wilson, Ryan Kingman and Taylor Shupe, began with the idea of creating stylish, comfortable socks, a market they believed had been overlooked by many brands. When adding some of their design and technological expertise they began to make socks suitable for all occasions. For example their snow socks include extra support around the instep and added cushioning throughout for impact protection.

The team they sponsor, affectionately known as the 'Punks & Poets' spans sports stars, musicians and artists. Among the famous names in the collective are Rihanna, Big Sean, Bubba Watson, Chris Cole and Willow Smith.