Spitfire Wheels

Spitfire Wheels is one of those brands that, depending on your age, has been around forever in the skate scene. The iconic 'Bighead' logo, created by Kevin Ancell remains to this day one of the most recognisable logo's in the skate scene. First started in 1987 by Jim Thiebaud the company continues to innovate and bring new technologies to the skate wheel game.

Their first video, released in 1993, features some of the all time greats, Jamie Thomas, Ed Templeton and Jason Dill are a few of the names that made it on to the video. Since then the team has just grown and grown with many household names skating Spitfire wheels, Andrew Reynolds, Daewon Song, Erik Ellington, Omar Salazar and Dennis Busenitz are just a handful of the skaters putting their faith in the wheels.

The brands 'Formula Four' urethane technologies ensure their wheels not just ride well and smooth but also outlast most brands with their hard wearing, anti flatspot properties. As well as wheels they offer a selection of accessories and soft goods.