Collection: Skate

At Magic Toast we offer a full range of skateboarding equipment. From complete, ready to ride, set-ups to all the individual components needed to make your own personalised ride, trucks, wheels, bearings, bolts and griptape. We stock some of the biggest skate brands including Girl, Chocolate, Polar Skate Co, Primitive, Magenta, Alltimers and Skateboard Cafe. We also stock a range of 'less standard' board shapes for those wanting a cruiser/old skool/longboard set-up.

Whilst graphics may play an important part of your decision its worth noting the width of the board, the most popular widths are between 7.75'' and 8.5''. The width of your board will also determine which trucks you will need with it. When it comes to cruiser/old skool/longboard's you will need to ensure you have the right hardware as some of these take larger trucks and wheels and wider griptape than a standard deck. If you need any advice or want a set-up made up for you please just get in touch and we will happily help.