Collection: Rip N Dip

Rip N Dip began life in 2006 from very humble beginnings. Ryan O'Connor first began the brand whilst at skate camp, wanting something to wear other than the skate camps own branded clothing. The popularity of the shirts he was making convinced Ryan to save up for a screen printing press, which his mum let him keep in their garage, and that's where it all started. By organising a tour of skate parks and giving away shirts to anyone interested the brand grew and before long Ryan had moved out of the garage and into a fancy L.A. office.

Since then the brand has just grew and grew with 'Nermal the cat', the brands easily recognisable cartoon cat, fast becoming a favourite of both the skate world and streetwear world alongside 'Lord Alien' their other cartoon 'mascot'.

All their drops are limited and tend to sell out quickly so get them whilst you can!