Collection: Primitive

The Primitive Skateboard brand we know today came about in 2014 following Paul Rodriguez's departure from Plan B. He started with a batch of 500 decks, in the now famous gold print, which sold out as Paul said himself “In two minutes”. With the popularity of the decks obvious he thought about doing a similar batch every other month but with the logistics and infrastructure needed to do regular runs of boards it made more sense to start up his own company with long term friend Andy Netkin.

Starting out Paul Rodriguez was the only professional on the team, with two other amateurs Nick Tucker and Carlos Ribeiro (both of which are now full pro's for Primitive). But since then they have been joined by Bastien Salabanzi, Shane O'Neill, Devine Calloway and Brian Peacock. A small but tight team of top class skaters.

The gold print that started it all off is still just as popular, making its way on to many of their designs. The foil like finish offers a unique look and style and (as far as I'm aware) is yet to be copied. All their board designs stand out from the crowd, be it the foil print or through collaborations with some of worlds biggest deceased recording artists, 2Pac and Biggie, also comic book artist, Frank Franzetta and the fictional Transformers cartoon to name but a few.

The previously separate Primitive Apparel, focussing on soft goods, merged with Primitive Skateboards recently to come under the one umbrella and allow for a more focussed range, offering t-shirts, hoodies, jackets, caps and other accessories on top of the hardware.


In August of 2016 Primitive released a collaboration with Leicester's own 'Get Lesta' crew, offering a limited run of boards and shirts inspired by the cities recent footballing accomplishments.