Poler Stuff

Poler Stuff came about in 2011 when photographer Benji Wagner had a want to produce items that 'related to young people in an authentic way'. Wanting to inspire people to embrace everyday outdoor activities, as Benji puts it “You don't have to be climbing Everest to have a good time”.

Practicality, coupled with looking cool, were the main goals of the brand. Taking a rough and tumble approach to camping equipment with genuinely useful and stylish products, if you are planning on spending any time outdoors, Poler Stuff has you covered. They began just producing tents, t-shirts and bags, including the ever popular Napsack, but have since moved on to all aspects of the outdoor life. Head lamps, cups, camera bags and even cast iron cooking equipment have since followed as well as an impressive line up of accessories.

Wanting to inspire adventures of both the camping and skating kind, the brand has amassed a team of top skaters including Rick McCrank, Silas Baxter-Neal and Kenny Anderson as well as professionals from the world of snowboarding and surfing.

Poler Stuff are a shop favourite and have inspired all of us to get outside a bit more and have our own adventures. Failing that, we can just lie on the sofa in our napsacks.