Starting life in Paris, 2010, Magenta Skateboards are one of the newer brands breathing fresh life into the skate industry. Coming out of France with an ideal that they wanted to stray from the path in that they are not motivated by making money, but by making a company focussed on expressing their own vision and ideas and 'create cultural content for people who like skateboarding'.

Founded by Vivien Feil, his brother Jean and friend Soy Panday, who went on to design the Magenta logo and several of their boards. Originally just distributed in France the company needed to expand to survive and quickly spread throughout the world. Their first pro, Leo Valls, was followed by Ben Gore, Jimmy Lannon and more recently Glen Fox.

Their distinctive graphics, and art design stand out from the crowd. They have collaborated with some really cool artists and musicians to ensure they are not the run of the mill skate designs. Offering a range of hardware and soft goods, Magenta have a strong, varied range for all.