Grizzly Griptape

The worlds biggest griptape brand, Grizzly Griptape , first began life in early 2000's, created by Torey Pudwill in his teenage years. Growing from strength to strength since then its hard to go to a skate park and not see it adorning many a board. Located in Los Angeles and inspired by the surrounding culture and scene.

The sheer number of designs of griptape they offer highlights the creative, individual side of skateboarding and the ideal of having a more custom board that Torey was originally longing for. Starting out modifying Jessup griptape with their artwork and, now famous, bear push out design, everything changed once Torey got sponsored by Diamond Supply Co and took his idea to Nicky Diamond. As Grizzly Griptape grew, with the help of Diamond Supply Co, they built up their team to include a who's who of professional skaters. Mark Appleyard, Brandon Biebel, Chris Cole, Colin McKay, Chaz Ortiz, Ryan Sheckler...the list is almost endless.

Now Grizzly offer a wide range of skateboarding hard and soft goods. Grizzly Grease is one of the most popular waxes available on the market, and their useful griptape knifes are a tool you never knew you needed until you own one. T-shirts, hoodies, hats, jackets, you name it Grizzly have it. All feature the brands unique styling and fit.