There are not many companies that have made such an impact on the way we participate in action sports as Forcefield have. Starting life in 2003 the brand is synonymous with safety, performance and innovation. Taking their experience from Tpro back in 1987, possibly the first company to take body armour for sports seriously, Forcefield now offers unrivalled protection and comfort for almost every sport.

Just as likely to be seen racing around the Isle Of Man TT course as it is boarding down mountains in France or cycling on the Colorado Trail, Forcefield offer protection and comfort for any terrain.

Whilst other brands offering protective clothing generally use a foam insert or hard, rigid plastic, Forcefield have designed their own technology, NITREX Evo. A light, elastic material, that is also robust and has a slow recovery, ideal for impacts. The triangular grid design helps with the shock absorption and slows down the moment of peak transmitted force, spreading it across the whole surface.

They offer a wide range of armour and you are able to buy all the parts individually as well as harness set ups which offer full upper body protection.