Founded in 1979, Hawaii, Dakine began life when Rob Kaplan developed an innovative surf leash. The popularity of the leash meant other surfing related products soon followed, all designed to withstand the sometimes harsh conditions of the north shore surf of Hawaii. The name comes from Hawaiian slang, “Da kine” roughly translating as “the best”, and their products live up to the name.

Relocating in 1986 to Hood River, Oregon, United States gave them the ideal base to provide products for many other outdoor activities. They have kept their tradition of producing quality surf goods but have since expanded into the world of snowboarding, skiing, biking and skateboarding among others. Now offering backpacks, luggage and other accessories for a large number of sports and for all ages and sexes.

Sponsoring riders from all the sports they support have meant Dakine have an enormous roster of athlete’s from all walks of life. Chris Haslam, Torey Pudwill, JP Walker, Andy and Bruce Irons, Rob Machado, Taj Burrow, Fiona Wylde and Rob Warwick make up just a small number of the elite sportsmen and women Dakine support.