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A relative newcomer to the already competitive world of skateborad wheels, Crupié entered the market with a goal, to create the next generation of tougher, longer lasting and most importantly flatspot resistant wheels.

They have, after many years of development, come out with 'APEX Flatspot Resistant Formula'. Using the latest material technologies sourced directly from the manufacturers means they have created an advanced, flatspot resistant wheel which they are able to sell for less than many other standard wheels.

Also offering a selection of T-Shirts all made from 100% bamboo which not only offers great breath-ability and feels lovely and soft but also doesn't fade in the wash and needs no pesticides when grown so is better for the environment. They also do some ace looking caps in both 5 or 6 panel designs.

When they've got a team featuring Joey Brezinksi, Tiago Lemos, Daniel Espinoza and Rodrigo Petersen you know they are destined for big things.

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