Bataleon has a somewhat strange back story, founded by a 44 year old biophysicist called Jorgen Karlsen back in 1998 with the help of 4 snowboarders, the company introduced new technologies never before seen in snowboards. The engineering approach they took was a new novel way of designing boards and they never looked back.

Their now famous 'Triple Base Technology' (3BT) was, and still is, revolutionary. All the 3BT boards are built with tip-to-tail positive camber and base concavity near the tips. When coupled with the correct materials this offers all the benefits of camber, rocker, flat and hybrid designs without the downfalls of each. The advantages this brings means, the board accelerates faster and holds more speed, the uplifted edges mean you'll catch less edges, more powerful ollies, destroys powder, faster more controlled turning and means you can take it to the park and hit transitions and boxes with no problems.

Currently riding for Bataleon are Tor Lundstrom, DBK, Shayne Pospisil and Klaudia Medlove among other top names in the sport. All their boards are hand built in Austria by the best snowcrafters in the business.