Airblaster's mission from day one was to create Original Fun Products (OFP) and 13 years after they first started in 2003, they continue to bring fun and originality to snowboarding. Back in the early 2000's a group of friends including Travis Parker decided that snowboarding was being taken too seriously and some of the fun was being taken out of the sport. With this in mind they began Airblaster. Their first product, the 'Air Leash', was a slap in the face of boarders who they felt changed snowboarding from “having fun” into “get sponsored”, bringing a once unpopular accessory to the fore front.
Whilst they might be all about bringing the fun back into snowboarding that hasn't stopped them creating some innovative quality gear. Their all in one 'Freedom Suit' is an awesome outerwear solution and when coupled with their 'Ninja Suit' all in one thermal underwear you can be dry and warm no matter what. They also offer a solid selection of jackets, pants and accessories.
They sponsor a strong team including Tim Eddy, Temple Cummins, Nick Dirks and Leanne Pelosi.