Collection: Volcom

Volcom is another of those brand that seems like it has been around forever. Formed in 1991 by Richard “Wooly” Woolcott and Tucker “T-Dawg” Hall after a snowboarding trip had inspired them to start a clothing company. Priding themselves on that they were the first company to combine skating, surfing and snowboarding under one brand their design and quality is prevalent throughout all their ranges.

Their first film, Alive We Ride, released in 1993, helped to shape the way action sports videos are made and continues to influence. Mixing footage of skating, surfing and snowbarding along with an unforgettable soundtrack including, Sex Pistols and 7 Year Bitch, perfectly encapsulating the feel and mood of action sports at the time.

They have since spawned a record label, signing up artists they feel represent the brand and doing collaborations with many other musicians including Run The Jewels.

Their philosophy is “Youth Against Establishment”, coming out of an era of riots in LA and the Gulf War, they could sense change was happening. The Volcom family are, as they put it, “a family of people not willing to accept the suppression of the established ways”, and they continue to this day to produce top quality products that are innovative and exciting.