Collection: O'Neill

Back in 1952, Jack O'Neill opened the first surf shop out of a garage across the Great Highway, San Francisco. Starting out by selling a few balsa surfboards and basic accessories, he soon started gluing together pieces of neoprene to create vests. The popularity of these vests inspired Jack to get more heavily involved in the wetsuit side of the business, whilst close friends questioned the idea Jack proved them all wrong, going on to design a shorty and a long john. With these surfers began riding more waves, better and for longer as you could enjoy prolonged sessions in cold water.

Jack continued to innovate with new designs, styles and accessories allowing surfing to spread and grow rapidly. As the business got more successful it became a family operation employing his children to help bring the business up to date and continue to break new ground. Around this time was when O'Neill started to sponsor some of the biggest surfing competitions around the world.

By the 80's O'Neill had become a thriving international company and the one of the world leaders of wetsuits and beach lifestyle sportswear. The company offers equipment for almost any water sport and many other outdoor activities including snowboarding. They also broke into the streetwear game offering t-shirts, hoodies, jackets and shorts among many other accessories.

With a history and quality product like O'Neill have its easy to see how they sponsor some of the biggest talents available, Jordy Smith, Cory Lopez, Malia Manuel, Jeremy Jones and Collin Harrington are just a few of the names linked to the brand along with many others.