Collection: Lib Tech

There are only a handful of companies that have continually been at the top, or thereabouts, for their entire existence, Lib Tech are one of these. From humble beginnings back in 1977, Lib Tech quickly grew into the powerhouse they are today. By introducing new technologies, many still not bettered, and board styles they helped shape snowboarding into what we now know it as.

Founded by Mike Olson and Pete Saari out of Washington State the company is proud to be the longest running and last major board building factory in the USA. Since day one the company has wanted to produce boards of the highest standard whilst also fulfilling their aim to commit to environmental sustainability. Early on in the history of the brand they replaced toxic ABS plastic with recyclable polyethylene and later on introduced sustainable polymer topsheets and bamboo cores. They pride themselves on their conservation of the environment, with their research allowing them to now use water-based graphics, non petroleum-based bio-plastic topsheets, renewable wood cores as well as many other environmentally friendly methods and techniques.

In 2007, Lib Tech brought out the much loved 'Banana Technology' and with it the 'Skate Banana' snowboard. Not happy to sit on their laurels with their 'Magne-Traction' technology, improving edge hold and focus control, the 'Banana Technology' brought catch free tips and tails for jibs and rails along with more forgiving landings.

In 1991 Jamie Lynn joined the Lib Tech team and still rides for them today, his signature board still one the most popular sellers. Travis Rice has also been a member of the team for years along with, Mark Landvik, Eric Jackson and Scotty Wittlake and many others.