Created by snowboarders for snowboarders, Thirty Two has been around since 1995 and has released some of the best boots and outerwear ever since.  The advancements they have made with snowboard boots has meant never before seen innovations in technology, performance and comfort have all come from the companies commitment to the sport.
 Working under the same umbrella as Etnies, Sole Technology, has meant the research and design aspects of skate shoes have been incorporated into Thirty Two's snowboard boots.  This means the technologies developed in regards to comfort and shock absorption have all been 'borrowed', adding to the list of exclusive features Thirty Two boots offer.  They take the science of snowboarding very seriously, studying and researching topics such as the 'kinetic analysis of snowboard jump landings' and 'tibial acceleration during snowboard jumping', which in plain English means, making your boots comfier, stronger and more suitable for the task at hand.  All their boots also offer fully moldable inners, allowing for a person fit.
 Being the world renowned boot maker that they are has let them build one of the best snowboard teams going.  Jeremy Jones, J.P. Walker, Scott Stevens, Chris Grenier and Joe Sexton are just a few of the names associated with the brand.
 As well their boots, Thirty Two produce some of the most popular outerwear.  Their 'STI Repel' technology, incorporated into many of their jackets and pants offers a waterproof solution to many often regularly non waterproofed item.  The hoodies they produce using the 'STI Repel' have to be seen to be believed, with water falling off them rather than absorbed.