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Mini Logo - Chevron Detonator Complete Skateboard - 8.25" SALE

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  • Dimensions: 8.25" x 31.95"
  • Wheelbase: 14.25"
  • Concave: K-20 - Mellow
  • Nose/Tail: 6.88" / 6.63"
  • Shape: 243
  • Trucks: Extra Tuff SOC with Medium Bushings
  • Wheels: Mini Logo A-Cut 101A
  • Bearings: Mini Logo Skate Rated
  • Chevron Detonator Series
  • Max Rider Weight: 100Kg Approx
  • 7-Ply Birch
Handmade with the finest materials, Mini Logo is the industry leader of high-performance price point decks and completes. Mini Logo utilizes 35 years of deck-building experience to deliver the best sizes, shapes, and pop at an affordable price. Not only do you get a high quality deck but also some awesome trucks, wheels and bearings and all for a great price.