Bones - Big Balls Reds Skate Bearings X8

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Bones - Big Balls Reds Skate Bearings X8
Bones Bearings have done it again. This time, by bringing the legendary speed and strength of Bones Super Swiss 6 to skaters at an affordable price. They call them Big Balls. Bones has created this new Reds bearings because they know skaters are not all the same, and do not all skate the same terrain. Big Balls provide skaters with another excellent choice to help them optimize their equipment to match the terrain they ride.
Like all Bones Bearings, Big Balls are Skate Rated, which means they are designed especially for skating. They have very low friction, are made from top quality materials, and share a design similar to the popular Super Swiss 6.
Big Balls feature six 17% larger diameter balls, high speed ball retainers, a removable dust shield for easy cleaning, and come pre-lubricated with Bones Speed Cream to make them faster and last longer. The Bones Big Balls' construction offers some unique advantages that will appeal to street, park, pool, ramp, downhill, and recreational skaters who can utilize more speed.
Bones Bearings offers the finest and most extensive selection of proven, high performance, Skate Rated bearings in the world, to provide all skaters with a perfect bearing for their skating style, terrain, and budget. Because of their decades of proven performance, more pro skaters choose Bones than any other bearing brand. Big Balls are one more reason to choose Bones. Enjoy!