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 Absinthe Films twe12ve Snowboard DVD Twelve

absinthe Films presents twe12ve

16mm HD FIlm
A winter defined by feast or famine, shattered snowfall records and endless droughts, tidal waves, floods, and for many, a season that simply would not end. In a time where technology and the energy of our planet are accelerating off the charts and Mother Nature's confusion can no longer be explained away by experts. The Kootenay, Purcell, Selkirk, Monashee, Pacific Coast, Cascade, Wasatch, Uinta, Cache, Gros Ventre, Strandafjellet and Kaçkar mountain ranges were on the winning end of the spectrum, and you might guess where the Absinthe crew spent their winter. Twelve riders having a blast, redefining the limits of what is possible. Absinthe brings you the next wintry shred classic: Twel2ve.
YEAR: 2011
Bode Merrill
Gigi Rüf
Sylvain Bourbousson
Dan Brisse
Johnnie Paxson
JP Solberg
Mat Schaer
Annie Boulanger
Lucas Debari
Wolfgang Nyvelt
Romain deMarchi
Nicolas Müller
Canada - Revelstoke, Whistler, Nelson
USA - Salt Lake City, Jackson Hole, Mt.Baker, Montana, Alaska
Japan - Hokkaido
Norway - Strandafjellet
Sweden - Riksgränsen
length: 51 min