Collection: Skateboard Cafe

The name Skateboard Cafe first appeared In 2008 as the name of a local scene video and never had any intention to become a full blown brand. Shortly after the film came out they released a few t-shirts and a small run of boards, only sold in a handful of independent shops. The popularity of the products, helped by their somewhat different graphics and themes, inspired them to keep going with the brand and over time it developed into what we see today.
Offering a small, focussed range of boards, t-shirts, hoodies and socks, Skateboard Cafe definitely stand out from the crowd. Their distinctive graphics, inspired mainly by cafe's and the food they serve, are a breath of fresh air in an industry seemingly willing to revert to the norms.
They sponsor a small team of skaters, Korahn Gayle, Mike Arnold, Shaun Currie, John Arnott and Harry Oglivie and will surely add to this as they continue to grow.