Stepchild Snowboards - 2011/12 - Jibstick Reverse Camber Snowboard - 152 SALE-Magic Toast

Stepchild Snowboards - 2011/12 - Jibstick Reverse Camber Snowboard - 152 SALE

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Stepchild Winter 2011/12 Jibstick RETT Reverse Camber 152

With or Without RETT
The Jib Stick comes with Trojan Rubber 2.0 impact strips embedded in the sidewall. The
RETT is an edge detuning process that dulls the edges between your bindings so you don’t
have to. You can basically throw bindings on this and take it straight to the streets. The TWIN
shape and the ROCKER camber combined with the stability of the Kicker III core make this
one of the best jib boards on the market today. The Armadillo plate binding reinforcement
will help prevent insert blowouts. This board also comes with a SNAG FREE base. If you suck
at jibbing and want to get a whole lot better, the jib stick will improve your jibbing skills.

Technical Features
+ Kicker III Core (Slim - Kicker I Core)
+ Screened Base
+ Smooth “Soft Belt” finish – Pre waxed
+ Quadrax fibreglass
+ 24 inserts
+ Non-Stick UV Lacquer coating
+ Bracketed Rocker: 4mm-143,
148, 6mm- 153, 8mm-156

Armadillo Plate:
is a diamond shaped extra layer of fiberglass placed over the inserts to
help prevent insert blowouts. The unique diamond shape strengthens the
board around the inserts without interrupting the flex pattern.

Snag Free Bases:
Are hardened in the press by a temperature control system that cooks the
base harder as it sandwiches the board. The base material comes out of
the press much harder than it went in (which is usually the opposite in the
bedroom). Snag Free bases have no die cuts or joints in the base material
which is usually how the board will snag.

The board is a true twin with a centered stance and sidecut. The tip and
tail are identical.

Rocker: Reverse Camber
The board is pressed to resemble the bottom of a rocking chair. The
rocker gives the board an easy riding feel as it is “pre flexed” going into
turns. It works well for parks, jibs and powder.

Kicker III Core:
Poplar Wood Core with Beech Rails and Beech Insert Strips. Tip-to-tail fully
computerized milled and profiled poplar core gives a smooth consistent flex
pattern. The denser Beech wood re enforced rails give the board stable edge
control and a poppy flex. The insert strips are for compression strength where
the corners of the bindings normally crush the wood core. We use 4 strips of
high-density beech to increase the strength in this critical zone.

Trojan Rubber 2.0:
Exclusively on the Jibstick, Trojan Rubber 2.0. Two rubber strips are
inserted in the boards sidewall to act as a shock absorber.

RETT: Round Edge Tapered Tuning
“The board comes from the factory with the option of pre-dulled edges
between the bindings that gradually gets sharper as it reaches the nose
and tail. Basically you can put bindings on it and dive into your local
double kink without any hesitation. Its sick.” - JP